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If you’re looking to improve your website’s conversion rate (nurturing potential customers and turning them into loyal brand lovers), and you haven’t looked into the process of “heat mapping,” you’re truly missing out on a proven long-term methodology toward enhancing customer experience and increasing sales.

Web site heat mapping gives you relevant and valuable – sometimes even in real time – information about how your site visitors interact with your site, and also provides information not readily available using other, more traditional analytics tools.

Three of the most popular front runners in the heat mapping arena are CrazyEgg, Lucky Orange and ClickTale. If heat mapping is something you’re considering (and, considering the benefits, including higher search engine rankings, why wouldn’t you consider it?), you might be wondering which one is best for you and your needs.

Different types of mapping include the tracking of visitor mouse clicks, scrolling, engagement, and clicking, and with that in mind, let’s take a look at these solutions, and do some comparing and contrasting.

Crazy Egg – visualize your visitors’ clicks in style 

(30-day trial, plans include: Basic, $9/month, up to $99/month for Pro – most popular = Plus, $49/month)

Crazy Egg offers most of what you would expect in an analytical and heat mapping solution, but also features its own unique “confetti” heat map.  The really intriguing thing about the confetti map report is that it sorts your visitors by how they arrived at your site (social media, search engine, e-mail link response, etc.), which lets you see how your marketing efforts are working, and what works best in comparison to other methods.

Another of Crazy Egg’s appeals is the fact that, unlike virtually all of its competitors, it does not limit the number of sites you can view.  Depending on what upgrade plan you select, you will have a number of “active pages” allowed that you can analyze, but no worrying about having to prioritize which pages you analyze.

One downside, no video-captured recordings of your visitors’ activity while on your site, like other alternate heat mapping solutions offer.

Lucky Orange – discover where and why they dropped off

(Seven-day trial, plans include: Starter, $10/month (1 site), Medium, $50/month (8 sites), Large, $100/month (16 sites), call for Enterprise pricing – most popular = Small Business, $20/month (3 sites))

Next up, we have Lucky Orange – Lucky Orange, in addition to the standard features you’d expect, also has some unique stand-outs, such as quick and user-friendly ways to get feedback from your site visitors.  The odd thing about this solution is its seemingly convoluted pricing structure, which makes it difficult to assess how cost-effective it may or may not be.  If you don’t have many sites to analyze, particularly for medium to larger businesses, it may be the way to go – assuming you can figure out a pricing structure that will work to meet your needs.

Clicktale – light up your user journey 

(free unlimited demo, plans include: Bronze, $99/month, Silver, $290/month, Gold, $990, Enterprise, call for custom pricing)

Among other common bells and whistles, screen recording is just as important a metric to Clicktale as it is to deliver heat map data, so keep that in mind if screen captures are important to your analysis.  The free account lets you record up to 5K page views on a single Web site, but you’ll have to upgrade if you want to map more than one site, or take a look at larger numbers of site users.
Clicktale is another solution provider who seems intent on making its pricing a mystery for potential users, for whatever reason, and you’ll need to contact their sales office to get a clear picture of their pricing.

How about a graphic snapshot analysis?

  Crazy Egg Lucky Orange Clicktale
Click Heat Maps Yes Yes Yes
Confetti Heat Maps Yes No No
Engagement Heat Maps Yes No Yes
Mouse Cursor Heat Maps Yes Yes Yes
Scroll Heat Maps Yes Yes Yes
Visitor Recording No Yes Yes
Quick Feedback/Polls No Yes No
Free Plan? All accounts free for the first 30 days All accounts free for the first seven days Yes – 5K page views per month
Pricing/Cost Basic – $9
Unlimited Websites,
10,000 visitors,
10 active pagesStandard – $19
Unlimited Websites,
25,000 visitors,
20 active pagesPlus – $49
Unlimited websites,
100,000 visitors,
50 active pagesPro – $99
Unlimited websites,
250,000 visitors,
100 active pages
Small – $10
Three sites,
5000 heat map clicks,
10,000 heat map movements,
100 recordings
Medium – $20
Six sites,
10,000 heat map clicks,
20,000 heat map movements,
200 recordings
Large – $50
12 sites,
20,000 heat map clicks,
50,000 heat map movements,
300 recordingsX Large – $100
25 sites,
50,000 heat map clicks,
100,000 heat map movements,
500 recordings
Call for Pricing 

Every analytical need will be different, obviously, based on goals, current traffic, data needs, etc., but hopefully, this gives you enough information about three of the very top heat mapping tools currently on the market to make an informed decision, or at least to see which solutions might be best for you to use in tandem.

Happy heat mapping, and happy converting!

Have a heat mapping solution that amazes and astonishes? Let us know in the comments!

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