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Posted by Mary Ann Skrivanko on June 20, 2015 in Fun FactsH

The world of HR is filled with plenty of fun and interesting stories, facts and statistics. From surprising job search facts and figures to hilarious resume mistakes and shocking job interview stories, HR professionals have come across them all at least once in their careers.

These facts are not only good for a chuckle, but they also provide us with a valuable insight into the job market and what you can do (or what you need to avoid doing!) in order to get that job. Learn from other people’s mistakes and avoid becoming another footnote in an upcoming Buzzfeed article!

Job search Statistics

Internet and social media are becoming increasingly important for candidates and employers alike. Many people these days use the web to network and apply for new jobs. To think that 18,400,000 applicants have found their job using Facebook!

And that’s just the first mind-boggling statistic. The following will really make you stop and think:

  • There are 3 million job openings and 11.8 million unemployed workers in the US
  • Each corporate job opening will attract 250 resumes on average, from those applications only 4 to 6 will be invited to an interview and only one candidate will be offered the job
  • On average, recruiters will spend as little as 5 to 7 seconds looking at your resume
  • The number of resumes posted online or sent via email has risen from 22% in 2000 to 90% in 2014
  • 79% of job applicants will use social media in their job search
  • Yet, 2 in 3 say their employer does not, or just doesn’t know how to, use social media to promote job vacancies
  • 89% believe that mobile devices are an important tool for job searching
  • 90% of company career sites from the Fortune 500 companies do not support a mobile job application solution
  • 48% believe that in two years or less mobile devices will become the most common way to search for jobs
  • 2m jobseekers got a job via LinkedIn
  • 89% of recruiters have hired someone via LinkedIn
  • 4m jobseekers found a job using Facebook
  • 8m jobseekers landed a job using Twitter

Our favorite job search statistic?

  • Of those jobseekers conducting their job search online, 7% did so while in the restroom!

That’s one way to hide it from your boss!

Why You’re Facing Rejection in the Job Market

There are various reasons people don’t get the job interview. You may have faced some tough competition, not been experienced enough or the position may have been filled internally. However, some people don’t get an interview for slightly more surprising reasons.

Did you know 76% of resumes are discarded for an unprofessional email address? One career professional spoke about some of the worst email mistakes he had come across throughout his career. If your email address sounds like any of the following, it may be time to register a new one:

These types of email addresses will not get taken seriously and will likely get your resume tossed in the trash. Avoid losing out on a great job opportunity and register a professional email address instead. A combination of your first and last name is the best approach and you should avoid using your birthdate for the numbers.

Why You Failed at that Dream Job Interview

Most people worry about the questions they will get asked during a job interview. However, the following statistics show that it’s not all about the Q & A session:

  • 70% of interviewees were too trendy or fashionable
  • 55% were rejected for the way they acted, dressed or walked through the door
  • 67% of applicant failed to make eye contact with the interviewer
  • 38% lacked a smile
  • 33% of applicants had bad posture
  • 21% of interviewees crossed their arms over their chest
  • 38% did not get the job due to their overall confidence or quality of voice
  • 26% were eliminated due to weak handshakes
  • 47% knew little or nothing about the company

What can we learn from this? Wearing the right outfit can have a big impact on whether or not you land the job. As nervous as you might feel, you need to act confident, have a firm handshake, keep an open posture and remember to smile. Most importantly? Don’t forget to do your research and come prepared.


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