Top Ten LinkedIn Tips from a Top Ten LinkedIn Marketer

Top Ten LinkedIn Tips from a Top Ten LinkedIn Marketer
LinkedIn tips for better networking


LinkedIn recently announced that Oisin Lunny, senior market development manager at OpenMarket has made its top ten list of Most Engaged Marketers out of 15 million members in the UK.

Oisin comments: “LinkedIn is my hub for business networking and a good way to generate new business leads. It is also a great resource for sharing content and updates, and more generally expanding your network.”

In his first contribution to Insider Hub, Oisin shares his top 10 tips for making the most of LinkedIn.


Top 10 LinkedIn tips by Oisin Lunny, OpenMarket

1 – Share little share often

Maintain your personal brand by sharing updates, posts and content with your network regularly. Tag other people or organizations involved and use the sharing options to your best advantage. Using the Linkedin sharing bookmarklet for your browser is by far the easiest and quickest method.

share on LinkedIn

2 – Make your content work for you

Monitor your key metrics, use a URL shortening service for easy comparison with non LinkedIn shares. LinkedIn will also let you know how your posts and shares are doing.

LinkedIn report


3 – Leverage Slideshare

LinkedIn’s Slideshare is awesome, I been using it for over 7 year and I can’t think of a better way to share presentations. I upload almost all of my main event presentations to Slideshare on the same day as the conference, then share on LinkedIn and Twitter using the event / panel hashtag.

LinkedIn Tweet

4 – Choose some groups and get involved

I find LinkedIn groups such as the excellent Digital Marketing group a really useful feature to connect with people in specific verticals or with specific interests. Popular group posts will also be emailed to all of the group members.

SXSW Interactive Screen Grab

5 – Connect with everyone you meet in person at networking events

I’m busiest on LinkedIn after a major conference (such as SXSW or MWC) with finding people I’ve met during the event and LinkingIn to follow-up or just to stay in touch. I currently use the CamCard app to optimize the business card scanning process.


6 – Leverage LinkedIn for inbound sales

If you are speaking at conferences, make sure you encourage people to connect with you on LinkedIn. This way they will be able to reach out to you with inbound business opportunities inspired by the presentation. Many significant business opportunities, deal, and conference speaking opportunities, have arrived via my LinkedIn inbox.

Oisin Lunny Speaking at Mobile Marketing Live event

Oisin Lunny Speaking at Mobile Marketing Live event


7 – Images are powerful

LinkedIn is perhaps less well-known for the impressive levels of engagement delivered by sharing infographics or memes, however, using visuals is a powerful way to connect with your network.

images are powerful - infographics

8 – Updates are important

LinkedIn updates from your network are a convenient and very timely way to stay informed about who is active, and to congratulate people on career milestones and new roles. The LinkedIn homepage is also incredibly valuable for catching up on what your contacts are doing, and the content they are recommending.

LinkedIn Profile Update Example

9 – Stay professional

Be graceful in all of your LinkedIn interactions. Never flame, you never know where people might end up. Also, stick to business-related content!

inappropriate LinkedIn group topic

10 – Be smart about connecting

Don’t be afraid to reach out to people you have not met but would like to work with, but never “spray and pray”. There is nothing worse than a badly researched email enthusiastically trying to sell you something completely irrelevant. Also, send connection requests to people very soon after you meet them, and use the connection request button on their profile page so you can include a personal note to remind them where you met. If they are swamped at the moment or don’t get to your message for a while, this personal reminder will make all the difference.

LinkedIn Connect Ned Smanks

Oisin Lunny is part of the Market Development team at OpenMarket, looking at new verticals and strategic business and technology opportunities for the company. OpenMarket provide mobile engagement solutions for global Fortune 1000 companies. Oisin’s background of over 21 years in technology and media includes roles as UK Managing Director for the world’s largest social space for teens, and Global Product Manager for Media Services at Europe’s largest network operator. Oisin speaks and moderates at conferences globally, maintaining a parallel profile as film composer, producer, and DJ. Oisin sits on advisory boards for The Economist Big Think and Finnay, and chairs the Fundraising Online advisory panel. Oisin has spoken at over 100 conferences, contributes to The Guardian, B2B Marketing and Tech City News and is LinkedIn’s UK’s Top 5 most engaged marketer 2015.


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