InsiderHub gives you advantages not available on competing review sites. Our approach
has been to create a platform fueled solely by actual product users. In addition, we
supplement that collection of unbiased reviews with Insider Experts and Industry Analysis.
Find out today how your business can make smarter decisions on business solutions.

Insider Experts


InsiderHub provides more than unbiased business solution reviews. We use Insider Experts for each industry. These Insiders are chosen based on their experience and proven understanding of each individual industry. They will lead the way in providing industry insights, trends and evaluations, producing research reports that provide a broader context for the solutions in the category.

Accurate Profiles


Vendor profiles on InsiderHub reveal the insider story on each solutions provider, including their length of time in business, support record, and detailed product information across the breadth of their offerings. Vendors will be rated and reviewed, so you can find the business solution that fits your needs exactly.

Multiple Industries


InsiderHub will offer the most comprehensive collections of business solution reviews, spanning a wide spectrum of industries and categories. As a result, you don’t need to go from site to site looking for the right products, the right industries, or the right information. It’s all at one place, with reviews you can trust and a familiar interface.

Industry Analysis


Based on our unparalleled expertise across a wide range of solutions, InsiderHub can provide objective Industry Analysis, reports on key product categories, industry news, new players, new solutions and more. Our rigorous research process and proven methodologies provide the foundation for unbiased, pragmatic and actionable insight.

Archived Reviews


For solutions that have been around for a while, you need information about specific versions, what’s changed through the years, what’s gotten worse and what’s gotten better. That’s why we offer archived reviews, so you can more easily compare information within a single product family or across multiple vendor solutions.

Detailed Process


Our process for collecting reviews is structured, detailed, and accurate. We don’t let people leave random emotional opinions about a solution. We ask for detailed information about the size of his organization, his title, the length of time he used the solution and more. These details provide a more complete picture of the solution and how it will fit your needs.

Find the solution that best fits your needs.