7 must have apps for an entrepreneur in 2016

7 must have apps for an entrepreneur in 2016
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Entrepreneurship is unique. Not everyone who owns a business is an entrepreneur, nor is everyone who works for him- or herself an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs spot an opportunity, make a plan, start the business, manage it and receive the profit. They take on several different roles and tasks in the business, which means that being organized, setting goals, and maximizing time is incredibly important.

Technology is changing the way entrepreneurs work. It is cutting down on time and effort, improving organization, saving money, and accelerating processes by making them more efficient. Using apps for business purposes can save you time and allow you to concentrate on the things that will help your business to grow and succeed. To help you along, here is our list of must-have apps for an entrepreneur on a go you should consider downloading today.


  1. Day planner

A day planner is essential in order to keep yourself organized while juggling multiple projects, tasks and to-do lists. The only way to accomplish your goals without losing your mind is to use a good day planner.

Thrive Day Planner: The look and feel of this app remind you of a traditional organizer, making it intuitive and easy to use. You can access it from your computer, phone or tablet, so you can use it on the go. It’s great for planning your day, week, month or even year.


  1. Project management

When it comes to apps for business purposes, you can’t forget about your project management apps. They make monitoring projects, schedules and teams that much simpler, so you never have to worry about missing an important deadline.

Asana: You can use this app to plan your day, set tasks and deadlines, visualize goals and milestones, and communicate priorities with your team, clients, vendors, contractors or other third parties.


  1. Networking

The essence of business success lies in making the right connection. Whether this opens the doors to new partnerships, business or funding, you don’t want to miss out on an important new connection.

Humin: This app is like your phone, evolved. It’s an intuitive address book that helps to bring a human touch to your online interactions. Use it to remember how and where you met someone, so you won’t have to worry it in the moment.


  1. Social media advertising / automation tool

These days, social media is an essential part of life and business. The downside is that it can be incredibly time consuming. Using a social media automation tool will give you more time to focus on other important tasks.

Buffer: This customer service and brand-monitoring tool allows you to schedule posts for a later date and time of your choosing. You can choose to schedule your content at the best time for your audience and easily add any new content you come across to the queue, saving you valuable time.


  1. Accounting

Keeping track of your finances throughout the entire business cycle is essential in order to avoid costly and time consuming headaches down the line. Using a finance management app will help you stay on track, so you have no more excuses.

Moveo Expense Manager: This comprehensive and simple to use app makes it easy to manage your income and expenses right from your mobile phone. Keep an eye on where you money is coming from and going by adding transactions, managing your budget and data, and even using it to generate reports.


  1. Scrapbooking (ideation)

Entrepreneurs are commonly seen as innovators, people who come up with new ideas and business processes. The creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas is known as ideation.

Keeping a digital scrapbook of notes and inspiring content can help you with the ideation process and keep things organized in one place.

Pocket: Previously known as Read It Later, this free, feature-packed bookmarking app helps you to manage content for later reading and viewing. Save everything from articles to images and videos directly from your browser or app, then view when ready. You won’t even need an Internet connection to view it and it offers an impressive spread of supported devices.


  1. Performance tracking and management

Tracking the performance of your team and business is essential for any entrepreneur in order to stay on target and grow the business.

Salesforce1: Use this app to drive sales and manage leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities straight from your phone. You can create and sort tasks for your to-do list and align your team, leading to a faster and more effective work environment.




  1. _72 3 years ago

    Thanks Alex! Thats indeed a very helpful article! I’d like to give some recommendations though. For project management and collaboration, proofhub.com is an excellent tool which combines project management with time tracking, calendars, to-dos, gantt charts and proofing tool, which actually works great for me because I don’t have to pay for any more tools. For file management and storage, google drive and dropbox are great options and evernote for notes and creativity! I’ll also try out some of the tools mentioned by you!

    • Tamara C. 3 years ago

      This is an awesome suggestion – thank you! We actually have ProofHub in our database, but sadly, no reviews yet. It would help them, as well as people looking for a great solution, if you take a minute and share your praise in a review! Here’s a quick link to their solution: http://www.insiderhub.com/solution/proofhub/

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