5 startups that are gaining way in 2016

5 startups that are gaining way in 2016
Startups gaining way 2016

Startups come and go. While some newcomer brands manage to disappear almost as quickly as they emerge, others shoot to the top and go on to make their mark in the world.

Here’s our list of the top 5 newcomer brands gaining way in 2016. While we can’t say for sure that these startups will manage to succeed, each of these has managed to impress us enough so far to make it onto the list.


Msg.ai – chatbots for savvy brands

Founded by Puneet Mehta in 2014, Msg.ai allow brands to leverage chatbots and AI for conversational commerce. It offers companies a way to communicate with consumers on WhatApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Twitter DM and apps via a centralized dashboard.

The brand was one of the most popular at Y Combinator Winter ’16 Demo Day 2, and with the excitement surrounding the rise of AI, it’s easy to see why. Chat bots are already being regarded as the next big change in how we use our phones.

It has managed to catch the attention of major brands including Sony Pictures, BMW, and Heinz, who have already experimented with the new platform, and brings in $200,000 in revenue per month.


Boom – the sonic startup

Boom is a startup that has definitely got us excited. It aims to create the fastest passenger airplane ever. These planes will be able to travel at 2.2x the speed of sound, taking passengers from New York to London in as little as 3.5 hours.

Founder Blake Scholl aims to build planes that will make supersonic aircraft affordable to the business traveler. With the startups team having collectively contributed to more than 30 aircrafts, this talented crew is definitely one to watch.

They have just struck a massive deal with Virgin Group valued at about $2 billion dollars to have an option on the first ten airframes. In return, the company will provide flight tests, engineering, design and manufacturing services, and operations. And that’s not all. The company has optioned an added 15 planes to an unnamed European carrier.


CareSkore – a healthy way to do predictive analytics

Founded in 2014, CareSkore is a Chicago-based health tech startup that aims to help healthcare organizations improve outcomes for patients and providers by reinventing care coordination and case management.

Through the use of predictive analytics, clients can convert data into targeted insights to better measure and manage risk. The algorithm provides real-time, ongoing and highly accurate predictions for every patient that is admitted, allowing for highly customized action plans.

Founded by Jaspinder Grewal, it has so far raised $120k from their early stage financing. It is currently available in the United States but has already received international interest from Europe and Asia.


Castle Intelligence – protecting your data through user behavior 

Johan Brissmyr and Sebastian Wallin founded Castle in 2014 to help protect users by preventing account fraud and hijacks in web and mobile apps. The company has made effective user detection capabilities available to businesses of all sizes.

It works by tracking user behavior on its client’s websites and apps to recognize suspicious activity. This may include things such as the use of a new device or location, or actions deemed “abnormal” by an individual consumer.

It has raised financing totaling at $480k, protects 400,000 users and is enjoying growth of 35% each week.



Unima aims to offer quick and low-cost diagnostics with their paper diagnostic strips. While current lab tests need to be sent to a lab, take hours or days to come back with a result, and cost $20 each, Unima is able to offer a fast and cheap alternative.

The paper strips they provide cost $1 each, can be used on site, and in 15 minutes you can take a photo using your smartphone and get results back in just 3 seconds. The antibody that enables these tests, vNAR, was discovered by the company.

The first tests for tuberculosis and HIV had an impressive 96% accuracy, compared to 75% with the standard test. They expect to be on the market in 2017, planning tests for Dengue, Influenza and STDs. Current investors include Matt Cutts and FJ Labs.



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